CR Testing in a Pandemic

So this is where we stand (six feet apart) as of now.  Testing child resistant packages is an extremely social activity.  We normally test the child resistant packages at childcare centers and nursery schools.  We visit public places to test packages with seniors.  Since childcare centers are operating under new social distancing restrictions and many public places are not conducive to handling test samples, we find ourselves in a unique situation as a testing lab. 

Great Lakes Marketing, in collaboration with the other accredited testing labs, has asked the CPSC to consider some changes to the testing protocol that would improve our ability to recruit test participants while remaining committed to the fundamental principles of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.
After a few letters and phone calls with CPSC staff, the CPSC has told us that:  This matter has been elevated beyond the Office of Compliance and is being reviewed by senior members of the agency.  As of today, there are no further updates to share.

We now have children participating in testing at a few daycare centers.  However, these centers currently have limited numbers of children in each class.  We are also testing children and adults in our offices using our qualitative research center.

As soon as we hear back from the CPSC regarding our suggested testing modifications, I will let you know how we plan to proceed.  In the meantime, if you have packages to test, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will continue to test as much as we can to keep the process moving; however, it is certainly not quite as efficient!

This might be a good opportunity to determine if it would be beneficial to have any of your child resistant packages CERTIFIED: CHILD RESISTANT.  We have earned accreditation to be a Certification Body.  This is in addition to being accredited to test packages.  If you would like to use the official CHILD RESISTANT SEAL on your marketing materials and be listed on the website, please request information on this certification program via email (listed below).

Be safe.  Be well.

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